Analyzing managerial decisions eastman kodak

While there exist many different methods for an Internet-based photographic service provider to receive payment for the service rendered, many have chosen to display advertisement messages on the consumer's display screen and collect payment not from the consumer, but from an advertisement client. At present, it is possible for the photographic service provider to perform directed advertisement if prior knowledge of the consumer in the form of a consumer profile is available. However, if no prior knowledge of the consumer is available, directed advertising is not possible. Furthermore, the consumer profile may not be up-to-date.

Analyzing managerial decisions eastman kodak

How to Write a Summary of an Article? We will write a custom essay sample on Analyzing Managerial Decisions: For many years, Eastman Kodak was virtually the only film manufacturer around so they had a monopoly in film production.

Kodak was able to control the timing for introducing new products into the market and was able to make changes due to customer demand. Technological advances, robotics, new design capabilities and better communications made it possible for the other companies to bring new products to the market in much less time.

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It was now months instead of years Brickley et al. Film and related products became more readily available, resulting in a more competitive film production industry.

This caused Eastman Kodak to make changes to its organization architecture in ; the design of the current organization architecture no longer fit the business environment for the film industry. One of the largest factors to motivate Eastman Kodak to make these changes, were increased competition and decreased market share.

When compared to the increases in stock for the other companies in this market as a whole, the decrease was disturbing. Kodak made some rapid and unbalanced changes to its architecture, in order that they might regain some of the market share it lost.

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While making changes to one section of the company, they did not coordinate the changes to the other sections. InKodak decentralized the organization by restructuring and changing its decision making process. These new business units had profit—and-loss responsibilities, and the corresponding managers were given the responsibility to decide on new products, pricing and other important policies Brickley et al.

Unfortunately the result of this major organizational architecture, had a very small impact on the companies plan to regain its market share and profits. This was to be the new performance-evaluation and reward system.

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And again, this change was a mistake and unfortunately it did not have the affect Kodak thought that it would. The new Performance Evaluation System did not motivate the employees. When changing organizational architecture, it is extremely important to remember that the three legs of the stool or the three components of organizational architecture are interdependent and need to be coordinated Brickley et al.

Kodak should have designed it with the three following characteristics in mind: In short, the company did not implement a rewards method and performance evaluation system at the same time it began changing the assignment of decision rights.

When one component is changed, the other components should be changed too.The principle of Economic Darwinism implies that Kodak as a publicly traded from MBA MBA at St.


Analyzing managerial decisions eastman kodak

Find Study Resources. The principle of economic darwinism implies that Eastman Kodak MBA Page 3 of 4 forced the company to make changes in efficiency and organizational decisions. Eastman Kodak ΠTeaching Note 2 environmental issues -- TQEM responds to ficustomerfl or stakeholder demands by conserving resources, reducing wastes and emissions, etc.

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Eastman Kodak Company: Restructuring A Melting Ice Cube Case Study Solution

This paper provides a case study of the challenges that faced both a client firm (Eastman Kodak Company) and its research partner (SHC & Associates) in developing research to study consumer acceptance of potential entrants in four new product lines being contemplated by Kodak.

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