Different stylish ways of writing alphabets in blocks

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Different stylish ways of writing alphabets in blocks

For example, Swedish and English both use the Latin script. Nor does English make use of the diacritic combining circle above for any character. In general the languages sharing the same scripts share many of the same characters. Despite these peripheral differences in the Swedish and English writing systems they are said to use the same Latin script.

So the Unicode abstraction of scripts is a basic organizing technique. Script versus writing system[ edit ] " Writing system " is sometimes treated as a synonym for script. However it also can be used as the specific concrete writing system supported by a script.

For example, the Vietnamese writing system is supported by the Latin script. A writing system may also cover more than one script, for example the Japanese writing system makes use of the HanHiragana and Katakana scripts.

Most writing systems can be broadly divided into several categories: The term complex system is sometimes used to describe those where the admixture makes classification problematic. Unicode supports all of these types of writing systems through its numerous scripts.

Unicode also adds further properties to characters to help differentiate the various characters and the ways they behave within Unicode text processing algorithms. Special script property values[ edit ] In addition to explicit or specific script properties Unicode uses three special values: However, many characters — those that are not part of a formal natural language writing system or are unified across many writing systems may be used in more than one script.

For example, currency signs, symbols, numerals and punctuation marks.

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Inherited Many diacritics and non-spacing combining characters may be applied to characters from more than one script. In these cases Unicode assigns them to the "inherited" script ISO code Zinhwhich means that they have the same script class as the base character with which they combine, and so in different contexts they may be treated as belonging to different scripts.

In the former case it inherits the Latin script of the base character whereas in the latter case it inherits the Cyrillic script of the base character.

Unknown The value of "unknown" script ISO code Zzzz is given to unassigned, private use, noncharacter, and surrogate code points. Character categories within scripts[ edit ] Unicode provides a general category property for each character.

So in addition to belonging to a script every character also has a general category. Typically scripts include letter characters including: Such titlecase ligatures are all in the Latin and Greek scripts and are all compatibility charactersand therefore Unicode discourages their use by authors.

It is unlikely that new titlecase letters will be added in the future. Most writing systems do not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters.

different stylish ways of writing alphabets in blocks

For those scripts all letters are categorized as "other letter" or "modifier letter". Ideographs such as Unihan ideographs are also categorized as "other letters". A few scripts do differentiate between uppercase and lowercase however: Even for these scripts there are some letters that are neither uppercase nor lowercase.

Scripts can also contain any other general category character such as marks diacritic and otherwisenumbers numeralspunctuation, separators word separators such as spacessymbols and non-graphical format characters. These are included in a particular script when they are unique to that script.Feb 07,  · STYLISH WAY OF WRITING ALPHABETS Kaur's Creativity This video is about how to write fancy timberdesignmag.com the full video to know about all the Alphabets 5 Quick And Easy Ways To Dress Up.

Alphabet ChartsLetters -Missing LettersLetter Chart - a to z - Small letters - Lower timberdesignmag.com  · In literature, writing style is the manner of expressing thought in language characteristic of an individual, period, school, or nation.

Thus, style is a term that may refer, at one and the same time, to both conventions that go beyond the individual writer and to singular aspects of individual writing.

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