Due dates and instructions for course assignments essay

News Essay Writing Some assignments, and most examination answers, will be required to be presented in the form of an essay. An essay is a continuous piece of writing in which ideas, propositions, research and justifications are put forward and analysed in the form of a series of paragraphs.

Due dates and instructions for course assignments essay

Peer feedback all of the following takes place on Canvas: Draft for peer feedback due Tuesday March.

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Wednesday, March 28 by noon Canvas Essay topics You have a choice of what to write about for your first essay. If you want to choose your own topic, it must be approved in writing, such as via email by Christina by 5pm Fri.

The following are very similar in structure so I just made them two versions of the same topic. Choose either 1 a or 1 b not both!

Think of a moral decision someone might have to make in their everyday lives so, not necessarily a wider social issue as in 1 a. This could be a real decision someone you know has to or had to make, or a made up situation. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each approach to this particular issue.

If at some point you find you would need more data to answer the topic fully, you can just say which data would be need and why you would need it. If you wanted to talk about Utilitarian and Kantian approaches to an issue having to with helping people in need, that would fit here under 1 b.

For both 1 a and 1 b: Be sure to provide enough about the views of Mill and Kant to justify your claims about how a utilitarian or Kantian would address the issue and remember the audience you should be writing for—see below, under format instructions.

This one has two options as well, both being similar in some respects. Choose either 2 a or 2 b.

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Singer and Nussbaum argue for different ways we could help those who are in need. Discuss how both Singer and Nussbaum argue for their different approaches, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.

Find in the public sphere in the news, on blogs, on social media, or elsewhere an example of a place in the world could be your local neighbourhood! Be sure to provide enough detail about the views of Singer and Nussbaum to justify your claims about what they would say about the issue and remember the audience you should be writing for—see below, under format instructions.

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Specific requirements Page length, margins, etc.: Your essay should be between words, which should be about pages in length, double-spaced, with margins between 0. Using quotes versus paraphrasing ideas in your own words: You could also do so when saying something in your own words would mean you end up basically giving a quote with just a couple of words changed—in that case, use a direct quote.

Citations for quotes and paraphrases: Any time you use a quote or you paraphrase an idea from any text whether from readings assigned for class, or from another sourceyou must cite the source of that quote or idea.

You may use any of the standard citation methods: If you are unsure how to use any of these, please see this page on the course website, which has links for how to cite sources: To avoid plagiarism, always give a citation whenever you have taken ideas or direct words from another source.

Give a thesis statement in the introduction that provides the overall claim you are arguing for in your essay. Give a conclusion that wraps up the argument in some way. It can summarize your main points, or repeat the basic idea of the thesis, or possibly provide a nice quote that wraps everything up.Instructions for first essay Here are the instructions for the first essay, including when and how to do the peer feedback that is due before the final version of the essay is due.

The following is the same document in two different formats. Registration information for the ACT Test. Dates National Test Dates.

Due dates and instructions for course assignments essay

National test dates are for the United States, United States territories, and Puerto Rico. Published: Mon, 5 Dec In order to achieve common recognition of work prospects, areas and opportunities that exist for the growth of the employees as well as for the organization by appraising performance outcomes, an evolving concept of performance management is on the rise.

Instructions for Essay Assignment ANTH The essay assignment is worth 25% of your final grade and is due in class on Tuesday April NO LATE ESSAYS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Grammar Bytes!

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Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more! Programme in Total Quality Management Qualification Code: The national quality policy focuses on quality of product (in which the SABS and many research institutions are active), quality or organisation (the area in which NPI and SABEF are active) and quality of life.

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