Essay on the strengths of a family

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Essay on the strengths of a family

While families are meant to be havens of peace and safety, they can often be cottages of conflict where members are simply worn out and angry.

In the midst of these challenges that are a part of normal family living, we may wonder, What can I do to keep my family strong and healthy in the midst of the growing challenges to family life that are all about us? Strengthening Families, Part 1 and Part 2 helped provide real answers to real questions like these, to strengthen relationships in the home and promote the well-being of each family member.

These support materials will give you ideas for strengthening your family in the areas discussed in the programs. How Important is the Family? The importance of family life cannot be overstated.

Scholars and religious leaders agree that the family has the first and foremost influence upon individuals and society. Most problems facing individuals and society either begin or end in the home. If we properly value and manage our families, many of these problems occur much less frequently or are gotten over much quicker.

Therefore, it is critical that we strengthen our family. What Makes a Strong Family? Many things work together to make a family strong. Researchers have identified the following nine strengths: These strengths suggest important guidelines for any family to follow in creating the kind of family life they want.

Instead these strengths are guideposts for you to consider as you form your own healthy, unique family.

Essay on the strengths of a family

These strengths have been found in all types of families, regardless of their type, shape, and size. Assessing Family Strengths Stephen F. Duncan, a family life professor at Brigham Young University recommends that families follow four steps for assessing and building their strengths: The first step is to identify the level of these strengths in your own family.

Identify how each of you sees the family. Talk about the differences you see. Take note of what strength areas you believe are strong or very strong. These are your family strengths. Also see which areas you believe you need to improve. Next is to plan. Choose one area of strength to continue working on and one area of improvement.

Besides, effort in one area usually automatically improves the others. For example, a father who desires to be more committed to his children will likely spend more time with them. Choose an activity to do to build the strength in each of the two areas.

Next, is to carry out the plan-just do it! Then start the cycle all over again. Each family member eight years of age and older should complete the chart. This way you can get a better picture of how each family member views the family. After you have completed the chart, notice where your family agrees on strengths.

Also notice where family members rate strengths differently. Talk about what these differences mean. Next, go to the Goal Setting Worksheet.

Choose activities that continue to build at least one of your areas of strength. In addition, choose one or two areas that the family agrees need improvement.

Essay on the strengths of a family

List the activities you will do and when. See the links for each strength area for ideas.Return to Responses, Reflections and Occasional Papers // Return to Historical Writings.

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