Gender roles in moderen advert essay

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Gender roles in moderen advert essay

What was originally created for encouraging consumerism is now being promoted to a society that is being consumed by Gender roles in moderen advert essay messages themselves.

Mass media is especially harmful to women because it constructs negative perceptions of women and reinforces them on a daily basis. Actions employed by the media are not always what they seem, but instead they act as catalysts for dangerous effects on women and society as a whole.

This paper will address the tools used by media against women and will analyze the consequences of their use. Mass media is a potent tool used to influence its audience in many ways, although most people would like to believe that they are not affected by advertising.

The standard that advertising creates affects women deeply and it is absolutely inescapable. Advertisements are found on televisions, buses, on the sides of buildings, and in the magazines people read.

Mass media affects each member of society because its reach is vast, its bite is quick, and its message seeps into the very fibers that are woven together to create a culture of misperceptions about women.

Gender roles in moderen advert essay

The message that advertisements are quite literally sending out is that people are equivalent to the products they purchase. This endangers people because society regards these messages about what people are and what people should be as absolute truths, instead of culturally constructed standards of what it means to be successful Murray.

Identity is the heart of humanity. When identity is taken away from people or is transformed into a thing, their humanity is subsequently stripped from them. While the media attempt to target every person, the level of exposure is dictated by gender, and the majority of harmful messages are focused more toward women.

For instance, in media such as magazines where a person relies on an image to relate a feeling, girls are often made to look inferior. In other words, the way women are perceived is not necessarily truthful.

They are seen a certain way, because they are made to be seen that way Mendible 7. This fallacy perpetuated by gender-divided media affects women more harshly because women are more harmfully depicted than are men. Being beautiful is, in American society, the most important role a woman should fulfill.

The products that were previous determinates of self-worth become second to that of beauty. Furthermore, media couples the idea of beauty with that of morality. The reason for this can be found within television shows and movies. Beauty in reality is subjective, but the mass media constructs and upholds a narrow standard for what it means to be beautiful.

Therefore, mass media is no longer solely attacking the product choices that consumers make, but also the consumers themselves.

In lieu of beauty being so highly regarded, women are expected by society to adhere to the beauty standard. When women do not naturally fit the standard or do not constantly strive to fit the standard, they are considered to have failed themselves, and most often, are told that they should be ashamed.

This requirement, in turn, forces women to give up parts of themselves. We can play sports, excel at school, go to college, aspire to — and get — jobs previously reserved for men, be working mothers and so forth.

But in exchange, we must obsess about our faces, weight, breast size, clothing brands, about pleasing men and being envied by other women. As these standards become increasingly narrow, it is important to note that there is yet another category of women who are affected negatively by the media.

Instead of allowing these women dignity and humanity, the media are presenting them as dessert drinks and an entirely different species from what they are.

Therefore, the media are denying many women of color a chance for acknowledgement, while telling the women of color who are mentioned that they are equivalent to products instead of people.

Another way in which the media categorically strips women of their humanity is when these women are a living embodiment of what the media deem as ugly, disgusting, or wrong. Perhaps one of the most fitting examples today is when a woman is fat.

Being fat is stigmatizing for all people, but it brings on a slew of new requirements for women. Therefore, the message is not simply that fat itself needs to be tamed, but that fat women need to be disciplined and controlled.

Consequently, there is a fear equated with the fat body and any body that simply is not thin, encouraging shame and disgust toward these people for living in bodies the media deem as unacceptable. The most important truth in relation to the media is that it is built on myth.

Is an environment that we all swim in, as fish swim in water. Because of these statistics, one could argue that the media actually depend on creating unhealthy thoughts and habits in women, in the hopes of generating profit.

If no woman is perfect the way she is, then no woman is excluded from buying into the message. This in turn creates problems rather than fixing them. Body modification has become a consumer solution to dealing with the environment that the media create. The frightening irony of this is that it actually contributes to the problem and allows more harmful industries to form and flourish.

One of the most common forms of body modification is dieting, especially with weight-loss pills. American culture has made it clear that every woman is too big, and dieting has become the norm.This fallacy perpetuated by gender-divided media affects women more harshly because women are more harmfully depicted than are men.

Being a woman in America’s media-obsessed culture also means living up to the beauty standard that advertisers set in place.

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Gender roles in moderen advert essay

But as time passes, women are beginning to demand some equality. Perhaps they will be able to reconcile the rights of . Aggressive AdvertisingAdvertisements are everywhere, traveling by all ways possible, infiltrating the privacy that every person holds important to themself and their family.

Ads may travel inconspiciously, while the final message they deliver th /5(4). Gender Roles in Trifles and Fences Burt Reynolds 24OCT13 Join Essayworld today to view this entire essay and over 50, other term papers. way. This is an intentional setting, as it displays women's position in society at the time, e.g.

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