How to write a comment in matlab variables

This example shows how to add text to a chart, control the text position and size, and create multiline text.

How to write a comment in matlab variables

Edit Please don't do this! You will find that MATLAB arrays either numeric or cell will let you do the same thing in a much faster, much more readable way.

how to write a comment in matlab variables

For example, if A1 through A10 contain scalars, use: In case each Ai contains a vector or matrix, each with a different size, you want to use cell arrays, which are intended exactly for this: And be sure to use the curly braces for the subscript, not parentheses!

See the FAQ entry on cells if this is still unclear to you. Another approach is to use structures with dynamic field names instead of cell arrays.

The fields of the structure can be the variable names you want. And you can index into them with dynamic field references. You can assign anything to the field such as a scalar, an array, a string, another structure, a cell array, or whatever you want.

In this example we just assigned the integer in the index variable. Now, if you still really want to go against our advice and create variables with dynamically generated names, you need to use the eval function. So in a loop, you could use: It could be made possibly clearer to split it up into multiple lines: The fact that a variable named sin existed at runtime is irrelevant; the parsetime "decision" takes precedence.

Even in that case, you can avoid eval by using dynamic field names of a structure: Edit We present two ways of doing this: If the files that you want to process are sequentially numbered, like "file1.

Also note the three different ways of building the file name - you can use your favorite way.

how to write a comment in matlab variables

Files are in the current directory. You should save them to an array or cell array if you need to use them outside the loop, otherwise use them immediately inside the loop. The second method is if you want to process all the files whose name matches a pattern in a directory.

You can use the DIR function to return a list of all file names matching the pattern, for example all. Warn user if it doesn't. The following folder does not exist: Or you can try a "File Exchange Pick of the Week": How do I sort file names numerically?

If you call the dir function to get file information including file nameslike this: How do I fix the error "Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals. This means that the following is permitted: Note that zero is only permitted as an index if it's not really an integer or double zero, but really "false" - a logical data type.

The reason is that the indexes refer to rows and columns in the array. So while you can have row 1 or column 3, you can't have row 3.

To fix the error you must make sure that your indexes are real, positive integer numbers, or logicals. They can be scalars single numbers or vectors or arrays of many numbers.

You might take the expression for your index and make it into a single variable, like myIndexes, and then examine that in the variable editor or use code like this to figure out it's real data type and value: The official Mathworks answer to this question can be found here: Edit You cannot mix a script and function s in the same m-file.

You can have a script, and that script can call functions in other m-files, or you can have all functions with no script at all. Most likely you have forgotten to include the "function" keyword and the name of your m-file as the first executable line of your m-file.You could never write reliable code that understands how to combine variables automatically, if parts of the name are written like that.

Since it is completely valid to define a variable with the name xy, then all MATLAB can do is see if you have already defined a variable by that name. while doing a calculation if i get a variable named "varName" with empty value i wanted to display a message "Dont not Exist"..

how to write a code for checking whether a variable contains value or it is empty please do reply. It doesn't matter how difficult writing that code is. The user had a reasonable doubt regarding Matlab syntax and you decide whether you wish to solve it or not, that's all.

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MATLAB versions 6.x and 7.x include functionality for. Anytime MATLAB encounters a percent sign (%), it treats the rest of the line as a comment. Comments are simply text that is used either to describe what is happening in a script or to comment out lines of code that you don’t want to execute.

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