Lenovo case study

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Lenovo case study

Lenovo Responsive Website Redesign Case Study Posted by Drew Clemens To introduce responsive techniques to Lenovo, the involved teams were numerous, the content fluidity was critical, and the necessity for flexibility was paramount.

Lenovo case study

Drew shares how it all came together. Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate on a responsive redesign for the global Lenovo team. Project Summary Lenovo web properties are managed in a decentralized, global structure—not surprisingly, and probably not uncommonly, given the brand's global nature and reach.

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This team's primary responsibilities are to provide a flexible web framework, which can be tailored to the needs of individual countries.

The Global Web Team also supports this tailoring effort, as localized web teams across the globe build upon the global work. The involved teams are numerous, the content fluidity is critical, and the necessity for flexibility, in every sense of the word, is paramount. We began working with Lenovo via appendTo —our partner on the project—in early Lenovo's Global Web Team had, at that time, recently wrapped up a site redesign that they were rolling out to the localized web teams.

The site redesign restructured some of the site's information architecture and overhauled its visual look to a more current brand feel.

However, the redesign was fixed-width, having been initiated before responsive web design had really picked up steam. An Initial Engagement Originally, Lenovo's Global Web Team came with a relatively small scope and straightforward goal—prove out whether the new site UI design could be visually retrofitted into a responsive solution.


Understandably, there was no guarantee of a project scope including a responsive redesign or rebuild if it couldn't be shown as a viable option. The resulting deliverables from this initial engagement were a set of priority guides wireframe-like plans and design comps.

However, the most significant outcomes were: A truly collaborative relationship with the client Confidence in the feasibility of a responsive redesign Foundational plans for further design and development Next Steps With this, Lenovo had the opportunity to determine next steps with some proof of concept in hand.

Some directions the team considered: The content of the site is so dynamic. The static test felt like a lot of effort going into a throw-away deliverable to produce unknown results.

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Lenovo ruled Option 1 out upon weighing the pros and cons. Options 2 and 3 had a common starting point—a working responsive prototype that would not be throw-away code.

If built properly, the prototype could even be integrated directly into Lenovo's content management systems and rolled out as production code.Lenovo is a $34 billion personal technology company with over 35, employees and customers in more than countries. Serving the majority of countries worldwide, Lenovo was recently named the number one PC company in the world Lenovo Case Study Objectives.

Lenovo is a global hardware and software technology company that markets products and services to both businesses and consumers, including servers, cloud solutions and computer equipment, across several industries.

Together with MM sales forces and distribution expertise, Leno employed It cost-efficiency and technology expertise In respond to the global demand.

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The researcher has selected a case study of multinational computer technology and electronic gadget manufacturing comp-any Lenovo operating in United Kingdom.

The engagement of different model, theories and approaches help to define the extent of Green Ocean strategy to enhance the customer base and customer loyalty for the company.

lenovo case presentation 1. c a s e s t u dy 9lenovo’s brand building strategie:taking the competition to competitorswith “transactional model”.

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