Men in nursing

As hospitals and nursing colleges become more creative in their efforts to tackle this shortage, heads, and not just pretty ones, are turning to the males in America as future players on the nursing team. This crisis isn't a game but a serious shortage that needs a creative but solid game plan.

Men in nursing

Men who compete with babies over breast milk! Was there no depth these men would not sink in their fixation with boobs? Adult nursing is the term used for men who enjoy being breastfed by a nursing Men in nursing According to James, one of these rare is it really rare, I wonder breed of men: I sought this woman who offered her milk for a fee, out to experience the same feeding.

As soon as she finished nursing our child, I latched on to a nipple but I nearly gagged. What did these men get out of it?

Men in nursing

The guys who came to her do it to feel mothered. It still sounded gross, but I now felt differently about it.

Men in nursing

With her help, I was able to get a list of men who would happily pay for the privilege. I was surprised to hear they all sound friendly. But I was still worried, so I asked an open-minded male friend to act as my bodyguard. He booked a local hotel room and left instructions at reception that I should be taken to the room.

I waited anxiously for him and it all felt seedy and weird. When he arrived, he seemed friendly and relaxed. I then positioned myself on the bed, pulled up my top, unclipped my front-fastening maternity bra and gave him my left breast.

I was sure he could hear my heart thumping against my ribs, in shame at what I was doing.


He just lay across me like a big baby and I cradled his head. Yet his large lips and strong suction felt so wrong. It was strange and unnatural compared to feeding my little girl, and it felt as if I was betraying her. After 10 minutes, I asked him to swap breasts and he sucked my right for a further Then he sat up.

I cleaned my breasts with disinfectant wipes before pulling down my top. I was just glad it was over. Three days later, I saw him again and this time, it was easier. After 1 got to know him better, he started coming to my house.

But the reason I was doing this was to keep a roof over our heads. Over the following months, 1 developed a business-like approach to the whole process.

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Now I regularly see other clients too. I no longer look down on these men — adult nursing seems a relatively harmless desire, My daughter is eight months now and my milk is slowly drying up.

My husband and I had been blessed with three healthy kids and wanted to help give poorly babies the best chance of survival. So 1 added my details: The first sale was to a woman wanting some for her four month-old baby.Jan 04,  · Nursing is a career that both men and women often start later in life, in part because it’s possible to become certified midcareer and without a bachelor’s degree.

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Men in Nursing: North State Chapter is a nursing student organization at California State University, Chico.

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Some male viewers have asked me to address these questions. More men are entering the nursing profession than ever before, and for good reason: nursing is in high demand and offers competitive pay and the potential for career growth and diversity. The following is a quote from a paper written by Shawn Gardiner describing a scenario in which discrimination in nursing against men is wide spread, oppressive, and accepted.

I agree with him.

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