Rencontre avec ryad boudebouz

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Rencontre avec ryad boudebouz

Smolny, the main entrance to the building, [1] the arrow indicates the direction by which Kirov drove up on that fateful day. Smolny, an automobile road to the main entrance to the building modern photography [9]. Coming out of the car, Kirov and several security guards entered the main entrance, where he was met by security guard Mikhail Borisov.

Borisov's job was to accompany Kirov in all his movements around the Smolny building, including the working office on the third floor. Kirov went to the end of the central corridor of the third floor and turned left into a small corridor, at the end of which was his office.

Borisov did not manage to get to this turn when he heard the shots. The leader of the Communists of Leningrad was killed, and the perpetrator of the attempted Leonid Nikolayev was detained at the scene of the crime.

Unfortunately, the documents of this investigation file, in their majority, remain classified so far, and for this reason access to them by historians, and even more so by independent researchers of Kirov's murder, is practically impossible.

This is an insurmountable obstacle for finding out all the circumstances of the committed crime and for establishing the true motive for the physical destruction of Kirov. The memoirs of the participants of those tragic events, the testimony of Nikolayev and other witnesses of the incident, and the results of the investigation into the killing of Kirov published by Soviet, Russian and foreign researchers, published at various times in the media, contain inaccuracies and contradictions, which make it difficult to determine the cause-effect relationship and the overall picture attempt.

The author analyzed an accessible vast array of information on the principles of reliability and, especially, on the establishment of the logical compatibility of all the events of that fateful day of the murder.

There are reasons to assert that there really was a well-conspiratorial group of people interested in eliminating Kirov, and for this they had serious reasons. Place of incident - Smolny. This building was built according to the project of the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi in The Smolny Institute building project.

The main facade and the plan of the first floor. On the plan of the first floor, the central corridor and the left small corridor can be clearly seen. Based on the general concept of building the building, the corridor layout on the second and third floors of the building were identical to the layout of the ground floor.

Therefore, to determine the length of corridors on the third floor, when Kirov moved on them towards his death, you can use the first floor plan. If you carefully study the architect's project, you can see that there are two lines between the facade and the ground floor plan, which undoubtedly reflect the scale of the image.

But in what units are they represented? When creating various projects of buildings, including the Smolny Institute, J. Quarenghi used the unit of measurement for the length of the toilets, commonly used at the beginning of the nineteenth century, sometimes in addition - the Parisian foot [3], [4].

Suppose that the upper scale line has a grading in the toilets. One toilet is equal to six Parisian feet [5].

Rencontre avec ryad boudebouz

If you multiply by six digits 20 and 40, indicated on the upper scale line, then on the bottom scale line, these numbers will correspond to the numbers and Consequently, the lower scale line is represented in Parisian feet.

In addition, the proof of the correctness of the proposed assumption on the use of J. Quarenghi of two scales in the presented project of the Smolny Institute is their almost complete coincidence in the metric system of measuring length.

Indeed, one toilet is 1. In the same way, we determine the length of the small corridor that led to his private office. Their length was 89 and 45 meters, respectively.

Knowing the growth of Kirov centimetersyou can determine the length of its step [6]. By the simplest mathematical calculations, you can determine that the distance of 89 meters Kirov passed in 1.

The experiment, conducted by the author at a measured distance with a stopwatch in his hand, confirmed the calculated result. The meeting place of Kirov and Nikolaev.

After making two steps and seeing the Kirov coming towards him, he stopped, then turned his face to the right wall of the corridor. To clarify the circumstances of the assassination, it is very important to know where the toilets were located in the Smolny building, because it was there that the starting point from which Nikolaev went to kill Kirov.

Quarenghi solved this problem in a simple way. On the reverse side of the main facade were built two special outbuildings-latrines toilets in the form of protruding towers [8]. Extension lavatories for the project J. These outbuildings-latrines were separated from the main building by a tambour with through ventilation.

Two more staircases served for communication between the floors, which means that the toilet rooms were on all three floors of the building, and a communication link was established between them [10]. Significantly later, appropriate sewage and plumbing work was carried out, but within the framework of the then existing architectural composition of the historic structure.Aurore Kichenin, 1ère dauphine de Miss France , a répondu à Causerie après s'être remise de sa rencontre avec Loulou Nicollin et Ryad Boudebouz.

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Boudebouz | SportLifefr The church was set on fire during clashes between Christians and Muslims the previous night.
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Avec un 8/10, il a été désigné homme du match Désigné homme du match, le meneur de jeu montpelliérain, Ryad Boudebouz a eu droit à un 8/10 bien mérité donné par le l’ Les fans du club l’ont aussi désigné meilleur joueur de ce premier match gagné à l’extérieur.

Ryad Boudebouz réussit une fin de saison presque parfaite à l’image de son club, le FC Sochaux-Montbéliard, vainqueur de cinq des sept derniers matches. Du coup, le Franco-Algérien. Le milieu offensif algérien du Betis Séville, Ryad Boudebouz, a signé samedi sa première titularisation de la saison lors du match nul concédé à domicile face à Gérone (), pour le compte de la 13e journée du championnat d’Espagne.

• Ryad Boudebouz (27 ans – Algérie – Montpellier) Débarqué dans l’Hérault l’été dernier, Ryad Boudebouz connaît une saison faste. À l’exception d’une blessure au genou, à la mi-décembre, qui lui a coûté sa place avec les Fennecs au Gabon pour la CAN, l’Algérien a réalisé une saison en tous points convaincante.

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