Shibby robati business plan

Edna Agbarha[ edit ] Edna Agbarha, 36, was a London-based business psychologist prior to filming. After 5 successive task wins, Edna was brought into the boardroom in Week 6 by Zoe Beresford, where she was accused of claiming credit for the successful ideas of others.

Shibby robati business plan

Became noted early on in the first episode for attempting to sell fish to a vegan restaurant before annoying his fellow candidates and Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

He managed to sell several copies of a children's book to the focus group in week five. He was one of three candidates that were fired at the end of that week. Prior to his firing, he was one of the candidates alongside Richard and David to have one of the best track records, winning five times in a row.

He was close to being fired in the first episode for being the primary cause of the delay selling fish but was ultimately fired in Week Dan Callaghan[ edit ] Daniel Callaghan, aged 23, is a fragrance retail director from Manchester. Callaghan was fired in week 1, for his poor performance in sales and as a chef.

Curry was fired in Week 7 for making an incorrect calculation, only selling a small amount of products, and his bad performance as project manager in Week 5. Natalie Dean[ edit ] Age: However, Lord Sugar told Dean that "she's immature" and that "I'm not sure you think before you speak".

Lord Sugar fired Dean in Week 5. Jenny Garbis[ edit ] Age: Owner of a Jamaican boutique. Inventor and hair extensions specialist.

shibby robati business plan

Kasim was project manager in week two and was fired. She was runner-up in the final, where she was beaten by Joseph Valente. Gary Poulton[ edit ] Age: He was fired in week 11 because of his unreliable business plan. Saunders claimed that he "is the best" and that he "puts in a hundred million per cent effort".

Stevenson stated that he "wants to change the world of business" and was an ideal candidate because he "wears tweed", [32] however during the Week 8 Stevenson was criticised for lack of contribution to the task and making an error which caused his team to lose, and so was fired.

Following the show, Stevenson along with fellow candidate, Sam Curry wrote a children's book, Gobble Gruff. Joseph Valente[ edit ] Age: Owner of a plumbing business. Valente claimed that "I am the definition of success.

Wain was involved in a catfight with Selina Waterman-Smith after being in the boardroom during the third episode.

Selina Waterman-Smith[ edit ] Age: Waterman-Smith was involved in a catfight with Charleine Wain after being in the boardroom during the third episode.

Waterman-Smith claimed that she could enter "wonder woman mode", however Lord Sugar described her as "invisible women". However, during the fourth task Whiteley, a sales training consultant, failed to make a single sale.

Moreover, Lord Sugar thought that Whiteley's personality was unsuitable if she was to work with him so fired Whiteley. Therefore, Sugar fired Woods in Week Fired Apprentice candidate Dr Shibby Robati claimed he lost out on a job with Lord Sugar because he was not as experienced in business as his rival candidates.

Shibby says he's not pitched before, but they didn't go according to plan, and that just cos somebody gives them an offer, doesn't mean they have to accept it. Synergy sold £ with costs of £ for an £ profit; Apollo sold £ with costs including compensation of £, for £ profit.

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Sandeesh Samra was a year-old recruitment consultant living in Nottingham when she entered The Apprentice series 6. Sandeesh was the seventh person to be fired. We do this through detailed business planning, contract negotiation and management, and a portfolio of business services.

Trust Health has been established for over seven years, managing clinical partnerships across the UK. Dr Shibby Robati resembles Alistair McGowan. Stella English has a lot of the comedienne Doon MacKichan about her. Uber-arrogant Chris Bates looks and sounds just .

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