The jump case essay

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The jump case essay

Tim Pena would later say it was "a beautiful day to jump. Right on time, three Cs cleared the hills to the north, about 1, feet above the ground.

They flew over the fictional village of "Casas Altas" — an assembly of concrete buildings where the brief staged battle had occurred. A few seconds later, soldiers who nine hours earlier had taken off from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, began to pour from each of the two rearward doors, in standard one-second intervals.

The airborne jump may have been the The jump case essay visually stunning and logistically impressive element of Trident Juncture: Joseph Ryan, the 2nd Brigade commander who jumped along with his soldiers. As the Spain exercise demonstrated, Army regards large-scale combat jumps as a crucial capability of the GRF.

But some consider this tactic to be impractical, disconnected from modern war and an unnecessary expense, if not a virtual suicide mission in a real war.

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Mass combat jumps have been rare since their introduction in World War II, and rarer still in the last 20 years. In 90 or so pages, DeVore argues that airborne still exists today not because of successful operations, but rather institutionalization and military culture.

DeVore is not alone. Doug Macgregor has emerged as a vocal Army critic since retiring in The former 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry commander holds a PhD in international relations and calls large-scale airborne operations an "anachronism, a thing of the past" and compared it with horse cavalry use in World War II.

Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, Vice Chief Gen. Special Operations Command chief Gen. Joseph Votel and acting Army secretary Patrick Murphy.

The jump case essay

Airborne also offers training, morale, retention and recruitment perks, according to leaders. Many airborne soldiers absolutely love what they do, despite — or sometimes because of — its inherent risks. No one suggests jumping out of planes in general to be obsolete; Special Forces and the 75th Ranger Regiment frequently jump into enemy territory.

But does the Army need four-plus brigades — from combat troops to cooks to public affairs officers — training for low-altitude, low-speed static line jumps with ever-tightening budget restraints? Anderson said airborne brigades costs about 10 percent more in maintenance than standard light infantry, but still roughly a third as much as an armored unit.

In mid-August, the Army celebrated 75 years of airborne. It was on Aug. Since that day, the mission task remains simple: Over the last 15 years, the members of the 82nd have seen more than their fair share of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan — but the vast majority have never sniffed a combat jump.

In fact, few large jumps into hostile territory have launched since World War II. The Army planned to downsize the airborne 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division in Alaska into a battalion task force by While leaders defend limiting airborne cuts to its share of Army-wide force reduction, others suggest slashing further.

He says even basic air defense renders an airborne attack suicidal. Along with soldiers, the Army can drop vehicles, artillery and ammunition but not armor into place, allowing an array of capabilities.

Since airstrips are finite and defensible, dropping near one, taking it over and possibly rebuilding after any sabotaging efforts are fundamentals of airborne training.

Book Summary: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

The Army has four-plus brigades of airborne soldiers, though combat jumps have been few and far-between since World War II. Ryan said problem-solving, ingenuity, adaptability in pressure situations, and trust inherent to the job draw a certain kind of soldier. Paul Corcoran — rear detachment commander of the 82nd Brigade Support Battalion — also said the job attracted a certain type of individual — who straddle a fine line between brave and crazy.

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The jump case essay

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Does the Army need airborne?