Tma b201

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Tma b201

This tutor-marked assignment TMA 01 must be submitted by 12 noon UK local time on the date shown on the study planner on the module website. The total word limit for TMA 01 is words. Learning outcomes This TMA is intended to assess the following: Assignment task TMA 01 is made up of two parts: Part A and Part B.

You need to complete both parts of the assignment. Read the case study and answer the following questions: Discuss two issues that the managers at Tiger might face when choosing between these functional perspectives, in order to decide a direction for the business in the case study.

Total retail sales rose 1. Without that strong rise, overall sales would have fallen, the trade body said.

However, one seven-year-old entrant to the British high street managed to achieve 55pc sales growth during the key Christmas shopping month with no online business at all.

Tiger, a homeware brand first started in Denmark, added five new shops in England intaking its total to It plans to add as many as eight inwith demand for its cheap but good-looking products showing no signs of slowing down.

All the shops are profitable.

Tma b201

Philip Bier, managing director, says he will be disappointed if the company does not achieve like-for-like sales growth of between 2pc and 3pc inon top of opening new shops.

It does not sell large items of furniture but homeware and office goods such as kitchen utensils and storage boxes that can be carried away.

Its stores are located on busy high streets where people can pop in on their way to work. The Tiger brand has about outlets around Europe, including three in Scotland.

These are run by the Danish parent company. Mr Bier has no plans to expand to other parts of England in the near future. Its high street presence is also its biggest marketing tool. As for the internet, which many British retailers are looking to as their saviour, Mr Bier does not rule out going into online sales at some point.

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The company has a website where you can browse products and find out where the shops are located. However for now, high street shops offer the biggest opportunity.

Block 1 mind map This part of the TMA will be marked out of 20 marks. Create a mind map to explore your understanding of an area of public and non-profit management. This will focus on your work from Block 1 Sessions 17 and NASHVILLE MEDICAL NEWS // InCharge Healthcare // provider organization and was a founding officer of Coventry Corp.

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Low-temperature Al 2 . B ties all of these various topics together with various themes which are exemplified throughout and really make you reflect on what you have studied.

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Perhaps my review is a bit biased and subjective but I think B is a really good module to study if you want to . Prior art keywords oxide carrier catalyst tin palladium Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. following links and instructions, find and review an article, and then follow link to feedback.(B).

using a quizz, test skillls in constructing a search, referencing and evaluating resources (K) Assessment – more TMA based throughout the course rather than end of unit assessment.

A relatively simple model of heavy-metal pollution of fish populations and exploited fish was developed. The model includes growth, population dynamics and body-weight-dependent heavy-metal accumulation by fish.

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