Trends of punctuation in english and lithuanian

Prequel[ edit ] About Lithuanian language itself[ edit ] The Lithuanian language belongs to the Baltic group of Indoeuropean languages. The other language in this group is Latvian, so if you know Latvian you may find it easy to learn Lithuanian. The languages are more different from each other than, for example, different Romance or Germanic languages.

Trends of punctuation in english and lithuanian

Punctuation in Names

It transports the user to a basketball court, where quick and accurate typing results in a winning season. Initially, the user becomes acquainted with the claymation-like coach who presents his fundamentals of typing game plan.

Here the letters are taught at increasingly difficult levels, progressing to drills that utilize the entire keyboard. A variety of skill-building drills are available at each level. Each drill features basketball court graphics, bleachers filled with cheering and booing fans, and virtual players whose movements are controlled by the typist.

Occasionally, an unusually enthusiastic fan will pop up in the crowd to hold up a sign e. In the Passing drill, the user passes the ball by typing the letter that appears next to a player.

Free throws are made by typing the letters that appear in a small window at the bottom of the screen before time runs out. Heads Up, the most arcade-like of the drills, requires the user to type the letters that appear on descending basketballs before they hit the floor.

In Slam Dunk quick and accurate typing results in a successful dunking. Horse is a trick-shot section where correct typing causes the ball to bounce off various obstacles including a human mountain of cheerleaders and into the basket.

Finally, the Sports Reporter is a speed test, featuring articles about basketball heroes. Educational Value Slam Dunk Typing sufficiently explains the fundamentals of typing, while providing a large number of drills to reinforce newly gained typing skills.

Kid Appeal This program met with mixed reviews. Basketball-lovers and video-game players were extremely enthusiastic. The training-camp theme eased the inherent monotony of repetitive typing drills, while it motivated students through the use of realistic sound effects and satisfying outcomes.

Testers who were not hoops fans, however, were less impressed. Without the love of the game to inspire them, typing became tedious, and the speed drills frustrating. The Heads Up section was uncomfortable for those who lack arcade skills, and soured a few to the point of losing interest in the program.

Users immediately begin to type, following a program of lessons and graduated drills. There are a few nods to entertainment, but for the most part students focus on the task at hand and the intrinsic rewards of a lesson learned and a job well-done.

Type to Learn[ages 8 to 14] from Sunburst, is a single focus program. Twenty-two lessons illustrate everything from proper posture and hand position, to the correct finger selection for every key on the keyboard, including numbers and punctuation.

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A motivated student who goes through all the lessons, will learn to type. UltraKey[ages 8 and up] from Bytes of Learning, takes a straightforward approach, beginning with the basics. This is a solid instructional program, with a well-structured approach to teaching, practicing, and testing.

Trends of punctuation in english and lithuanian

Not a lot of fun, but effective. Typing Instructor Deluxe [ages 10 and up] from Individual Software, is a well-organized and complete typing instruction program.

Although it may be successfully used by young students, it will be most appreciated by older students and adults. Once past the beginner level, the user can choose to practice on selections from interesting literature, or on stories about old movie clips.Punctuation is used to create sense, clarity and stress in sentences.

You use punctuation marks to structure and organise your writing. You can quickly see why punctuation is important if you try and read this text which has no punctuation at all.

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British English: punctuation / ˌpʌŋktjʊˈeɪʃən / NOUN Punctuation is the system of signs such as full stops, commas, and question marks that you use in writing to divide words into sentences and clauses. One of the best ways to teach students more about punctuation is to involve them in activities and games that help them take ownership over their own learning and usage.

Prequel [] About Lithuanian language itself []. The Lithuanian language belongs to the Baltic group of Indoeuropean languages. The other language in this group is Latvian, so if you know Latvian you may find it easy to learn Lithuanian.

Quotation marks both single and double are also used for specific purposes in bibliographic references or when citing sources in academic writing.

There are a number of ways of organising bibliographies which set out standard formats. Dec 06,  · Punctuation in Names My husband related a funny story about a coworker with a colon in his name, for example, John: Smith.

When he was asked about it, he explained that the government owns everyone, but adding a colon signified that he was .

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