Urban legends term paper

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Urban legends term paper

Originating from the times when people had no scientific methods of scrutinizing and comprehending the world around them, these myths and legends served as a way of explaining the mysterious phenomena for the mind of an ancient person surrounding them.

What is a rainbow if not a bridge to Asgard? How could all the diversity of nature appear if not created by the gods?

Urban legends term paper

Rather primitive in the beginning, these legends displayed the fear of an ancient individual in front of the unknown, and helped them cajole the forces of nature by worship, praying, and making sacrifices. As societies developed, so did science, and gradually there were no more mysteries for an average person to be afraid of.

Of course, scientists still do not know much about the Universe in view of its expanse, but for a regular Earth dweller, the world with its natural manifestations is no longer enigmatic. However, the fear of the unknown still remains; it has transformed, changed its form, and instead of fearing thunderstorms and darkness, people have created new fears: This man claimed to have been captured by aliens, and the descriptions he provided both in his clear thinking and under hypnosis are fascinatingly detailed and non-controversial.

Zanfretta was a police officer on patrol in the Italian town of Torriglia. During the patrol, his car stopped dead; at the same time, he saw four strange lights in the garden behind the house, near where his car stopped. He tried to reach the dispatcher via his radio, but the communication was almost immediately disrupted.

A patrol group arrived an hour later; they found Zanfretta lying on the ground, with his clothes strangely warm it was a cold December night outside ; after waking up, Zanfretta could not recognize his colleagues, and did not seem to realize what was going on around him for a while.

Later, he was questioned by the authorities, and hypnotized by Dr.

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So far, this case is considered to be one of the most credible and reliable in modern ufology abovetopsecret. Another urban legend that has become extremely popular throughout the recent decade is Slenderman—a tall, haggard man-like silhouette with disproportionately long arms and legs, who haunts and kills or cripples his victims.

Slenderman is able to hide in plain sight, and once you notice him, with each glimpse in his direction, he will appear closer. Slenderman prefers to stalk wooded areas, because there he can easily blend in with the environment due to his proportions; when he finds a victim, he haunts them in their house, beginning to appear in dark doorways or TV screens.

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Slenderman mesmerizes the victim, making them walk right into his hands; according to another version of the legend, Slenderman is a sort of Sandman: Regardless of the origins, Slenderman is probably one of the creepiest and the most popular urban legends nowadays.

The two stories above refer mostly to western culture. However, if we take a look at the East—Asia, in particular—we will find an enormous amount of authentic and frightening stories.

If the answer this time is negative, she kills her victim—or, according to other versions of the story, cuts their mouth with a knife Listverse. Urban legends are much more numerous than those listed above.

However, these are probably the most popular, widespread, and scary. Stories about being abducted by aliens are frightening, because knowing the size of the Universe, one can never be sure that aliens do not exist, or that their intentions are non-hostile; Slenderman is an example of a creepy wraith who dwells in big cities and surrounding forests, and perhaps a perfect embodiment of the unspoken fears that layer in our collective subconsciousness; as for Kuchisake Onna, she is an exotic Asian ghost, perhaps not too scary for westerners, but definitely frightening for Japanese people.

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Research Paper on Education. Essays, Term Papers on Urban legends Production Donkey Kong's name origin Over the years several purported explanations for the origin of Donkey Kong 's name have surfaced. The popular myth states that the original game was meant to be titled "Monkey Kong", but was called "Donkey Kong" due to either a mistranslation [1] or typo [2] [3].
List of rumors and urban legends about Mario - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia South African categorization of Cultural and Creative Industries ………….
Japanese urban legend - Wikipedia During the fire, many saleswomen in kimono were forced onto the roof of the eight-story building.

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Urban legends (natural) Shirokiya Department Store Deaths. On 16 December , the Shirokiya Department Store fire in Tokyo resulted in 14 deaths. During the fire, many saleswomen in kimono were forced onto the roof of the eight-story building. Rumors later spread that some of these women refused to jump into the safety nets held by firefighters on the ground.

Many urban legends and misconceptions about drugs have been created and circulated among young people and the general public, with varying degrees of veracity. These are commonly repeated by organizations which oppose all classified drug use, often causing the true effects and dangers of drugs to be misunderstood and less scrutinized.

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