Verlinden thesis

Arnulf Jentzen Student projects on the mathematical analysis as well as on the implementations of machine learning based approximation algorithms are available. Applications of such projects range from computational finance to quantum physics. Precise student project topics are available upon request.

Verlinden thesis

D ; Melvin A Kenward: M ; Craig D Williams: C ; Zofia Piotrowska-Seget: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Polyhydroxyalkanoates PHAs are biopolymers, which can replace petrochemical plastics in many applications.

However, these bioplastics are currently far more expensive than petrochemical plastics. Many researchers are investigating the use of inexpensive substrates derived from waste streams.

Waste frying oil is abundant and can be used in PHA production without filtration. Cupriavidus necator formerly known as Ralstonia eutropha is a versatile organism for the production of PHAs. Small-scale batch fermentation studies have been set up, using different concentrations of pure vegetable oil, heated vegetable oil and waste frying oil.

These oils are all rapeseed oils. It has been shown that Cupriavidus necator produced the homopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate PHB from the rapeseed oils. The achieved PHB concentration from waste frying oil was 1. The PHB harvest from pure oil and heated oil was 0.

A feed of waste frying oil could thus achieve more biopolymer than pure vegetable oil. While the use of a waste product is beneficial from a life-cycle perspective, PHB Verlinden thesis not the only product that can be made from waste oil.

The collection of waste frying oil is becoming more widespread, making waste oil a good alternative to purified oil or glucose for PHB production.

Verlinden thesis

They can be made into plastic materials with properties that are similar to petrochemical plastics and can replace these materials in many applications Philip et al.

However, the high production cost of biopolymers and the availability of low-cost petrochemical equivalents make polyhydroxyalkanoates economically unattractive. Concern over plastic waste and increasing environmental awareness has put bioplastics into the attention of research and industry.

In order to make the production of PHAs economically more attractive, the use of inexpensive substrates has been investigated thoroughly Lemos et al.

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The study described in this paper focussed on the use of waste frying oil for the production of PHAs. Since deep frying is popular, there is a potential to turn this waste resource into a useful biomaterial. It was chosen to use rapeseed oils, since it is a common frying oil in Europe. In other regions of the world the nature of frying oil can differ.

Waste rapeseed oil has been used successfully for the production of PHAs with valerate monomers Obruca et al. Waste frying oil has to be filtered for the production of soap or biodiesel, but it can be used in PHA-production without filtration.

Out of the many different bacterial cultures that can produce PHAs LeeCupriavidus necator has been most extensively studied Volova and Kalacheva ; Yan et al. At present, bacterial fermentation of Cupriavidus necator is used widely in industrial processes towards PHAs Khanna and Srivastava a.

In this study the production of PHAs with Cupriavidus necator from waste and heated frying oil was studied in two bacterial growth media and compared to the production of these biopolymers from pure vegetable oil. Vegetable oils Pure vegetable oil, from rapeseed, was obtained from a local supermarket.

Waste frying oil was provided by a food establishment, which deep-fries chips and chicken. All oils were sterilised separately in a steam autoclave and added directly to fermentations.

Verlinden thesis

Since the oils were either refined or subjected to prolonged heating, only few spores were present in the oils. Trace element solution has: Nitrogen Concentration in Media It has been reported that the nitrogen concentration in bacteriological media highly influences the production of intracellular PHAs Khanna and Srivastava b.

Most of this is probably available from short amino acids. From the chemical formulas of its constituents it was calculated that BSM contained approximately 0. The main nitrogen sources in BSM are nitrate and ammonium.Genoese origin Documents.

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