What i have learned about buddhism throughout my life

My crash course in Buddhism.

What i have learned about buddhism throughout my life

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Since there is nothing other than the present moment, then it is clear that karma is generated in the present moment. The question is then how is it generated and how is it released.

You could also say that energy arises and returns. This is not buddhist, taoist, or whatever. It's just how it is.

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It is observable right now. As Lord Buddha said one must loose the attachments to reach nirvana and if you ask why i should do that the answer is simple, Because to be born is to suffer.

Believing in the Reincarnation concept is taught as an essential factor to reach Shraddha. Those that are posting here are on the path, so now I'm telling you all that it's not necessary to hold on it since you're already on the path.

What i have learned about buddhism throughout my life

Beliefs and longing for Nirvana in the future generate suffering right now. Resultantly, people tend to lose focus on what's happening presently, and hence the cycle of birth and death continues.

I see this all over this stack exchange.

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Almost nobody is interested in asking questions directly related to the application of fundamental Buddhist concepts. Heads in the clouds, it seems. Here in Buddhism SE we talk about a lot of things and it may seem like most of us are talking about worldly things, that's because we are actually helping a lot of new Buddhists here.

And i must say that even the people who achieved goals in path took interest in worldly matter when the influences of those matters can effect path of fellow travelers of the path.

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You can see good examples in "Sutra Pitaka". And that's what we are doing here.Buddhism in UK prisons a chaplaincy organisation that has introduced Buddhism to over a hundred prisons throughout the From the previous steps I took in life, I have learned to just.

When I signed up for my Buddhism class, I was looking for something that filled a major requirement and also would give me a perspective that I never have embraced before. Sep 29,  · This is the fifth article from a guest writer, Kadampa Buddhist and student social worker.

What i have learned about buddhism throughout my life

The others can be found here.. In this article, he is asking significant questions about the relationship between Buddhism and social action, important to address, especially in our modern age. Buddhism The chief learnings that I have learned from this session was that to practice Dharma means to apply Buddha’s teachings in your daily life and its purpose is to enable us to attain permanent liberation from lower rebirth and is the world's most ancient culture and the religion of over one billion of the earth's inhabitants.

I have grown up a Christian Protestant my whole life, and I am a firm believer in my religion. Soon after reading the chapter on Buddhism in Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions, I came to understand and respect the Buddhist religion.

Mar 05,  · Protesting against one of the world’s most popular figures was not something I’d ever envisaged in my life plan. I have nothing against the man personally and would love nothing more than to live and let live. from practicing this tradition of Buddhism in my daily life.

only wants to pass down the lineage he learned (and.

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